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    Hi Everyone!

    As most of you know, I went to Cornwall for my summer holidays and it was AMAZEBALLS! In all of my 10 years this is the first holiday I've ever been on. Apparently I can't be trusted and that's why I haven't been before?! I beg to differ, but at least I get to stay at my brother Bubbles’ house and put on half a stone from all the extra treats my pawsome Aunty gives me! Anyway, let me tell you my Top Five Favourite Moments...

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    This one is for the lads...

    Have you ever perfumed yourself with the stinkiest fox poop you could find? Or even freshened your breath with that dead fish you found three days ago? And have STILL been shunned by the very nice lady dog who lives around the corner and goes for walkies at exactly 3:42pm?! Every. Single. Day?

    Well... Problem solved!