our story

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Not long ago, a little spark of inspiration lit up a path of craft, design and adventure for a girl and her little dog, Tommi.

Together, we have created Tommi Co - a haven of colour and patterns - and we continue our journey of growing our small business everyday.

It all started when I was 14 and Tommi was 10. I began to suffer from bad migraines and spent many days indoors snuggled up with my furbaby. Our unbreakable bond during this time, led to us creating an Instagram account so we could share the moments we cherished together. From this, we grew into Tommi Co. - a passion that developed into a business venture.

I taught myself how to sew and discovered my interest for website design. Everything from choosing new materials and creating them into products, to the captions on our Instagram posts is done by me. All of our products are handmade at the Tommi Co. HQ by one pair of hands and one pair of paws using a needle, thread, 100% cotton and a sprinkle of love.

Our vision is to be an eco-friendly brand that supports animals, the environment and our local community. We hope to give frequent donations to charities, as well as promote a more positive world for you and your furbabies to enjoy. 

Our journey so far has taught us so much and we are beyond thankful to have received the opportunities we have been given. We have made so many incredible friends from all over the world and hope to continue growing our little community alongside the development of Tommi Co.

Thank you,

Tommi & Chloe xX