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As a fellow vegan eco-warrior, I know how difficult it is to find a shop that meets your needs. I want everything I buy to be 100% vegan, cruelty free and have minimal impact on the environment. Unfortunately, this rules out pretty much all supermarkets and high street stores!

However, I have teamed up with a few amazing small businesses that go above and beyond my criteria! All of the companies listed below are completely vegan, environmentally friendly, cruelty free and are run by people that have the same ethical values as you and me. Most of their products are also handmade with love and have a fantastic story behind them which is really valuable in comparison to all the chains that think only of profit, rather than purpose. 

This is a really great chance for you to discover and support local businesses that really care. So take a scroll through, read the stories behind the brands and click the links to visit their websites. Let's take back control of our shopping!

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Camellios is a UK based premium tea brand. We sell high quality tea that is hand-blended exclusively in the UK. All of our tea is sourced from leading tea farms across the world which allows us to create delicious tasting and unique tea blends.

We have a strong sustainability ethos and want to make sure our product has a minimal impact on the environment. Our packaging is recyclable & plastic free and our tea bags are biodegradable. This means our entire product will either degrade over time in home compost or can be disposed of in household waste.

As a business, we also want to remain ethical so Camellios donates 5% of all profits to charity. These go to various causes in the community or projects abroad.

We currently ship to the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are also subscription options if you’re a big tea lover! As a small family run business, our aim is to offer eco-friendly, premium tasting tea at an affordable price.

Use the code VEGANVOGUE20 for 20% off any of our products!

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I've always liked the idea of making things ever since I was a child. The idea of having different things, materials, objects, ingredients, colours to create something completely nee always seemed magical to me. And I have been attracted to beautiful scents since I can remember and that up to now, I always associate to memories and people.

Making candles summaries the beauty of creating something special that can bring a moment of light, may that be a shared cozy evening or that scent that lingers in the house and that reminds you of a special moment.

I have been an ethical vegan for over 11 years and all my products are vegan and cruelty free. The packaging that I use is eco friendly and I try to upcycle as much as possible. The enchanted clouds lab represents those moments of ordinary magic where ordinary objects become something special. Because handmade with love and to be given and received through love. I also work as a spiritual healer and my crystal candles are charged with the highest energy of love.

I ship all over the world so you can enjoy my beautiful products wherever you are!

Use the code VEGAN10 for 10% off everything!

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Hi, I'm Rebecca from a small town outside Glasgow and I have just started my own small business, Botanic Bathe. I sell all-natural handmade soaps, body scrubs, botanical bath salts and bombs. I'm 21 and been a vegetarian since I was 15, I've always believed neither humans or nature are superior to another and that we are one. I've always had an interest in natural remedies and using what the universe has given us to its best advantage. Vegan Vogue is the perfect place for anyone with similar beliefs to this and a great platform for me to attract the kind of customers I know would love these products!

Loofah Soap Bars - these are soaps come in four different scents; rosemary, coconut, strawberry and citrus. In the centre is a natural loofah sponge that comes from a plant in the cucumber family, perfect for exfoliating the skin.

Coffee Scrub - made up with coconut oil, coffee and brown sugar, this scrub can help reduce cellulite and circulate the blood. 

Honey & Lemon Handmade Soap - this soap holds natural antibacterial properties and can help rid the skin of acne, rashes and dryness.

Botanical Bath Salts - Lavender & Camomile Bath Salts can help reduce anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping. Citrus Bath Salts can produce a hormone that is proven to boost your mood and energy. Rose Petal & Himalayan Salt Bath Salts can ease muscle pain and maintain the skins natural hydration.

Take a look on my Instagram to see all my gorgeous products and DM me to order! At the moment, I only ship to the UK.

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Here at Yogi Candle Studio, we believe in creating beautiful, vegan friendly candles and melts which do not cause any harm to the environment. Our brand is centred around being green and being mindful about the effect that we have on the environment. We source all of our supplies as responsibly as possible to ensure that they don’t have too far to travel, and we are constantly researching new ways to improve our carbon footprint with the aspiration of becoming completely carbon neutral.

All of our materials are ethically sourced, ensuring that we create products which are as natural as possible and do not contain any chemicals or nasties. We use an eco-soy wax as a base for our products which is a sustainable resource, and comes from an ethical supplier to ensure that it is responsibly farmed and does not cause any damage to the environment.

All products are cruelty and chemical free and do not contain palm oil. We have also sourced fully recyclable packaging which contains NO plastic, so that it can be recycled or reused after use.

Our products can be shipped all over the world so you can enjoy them wherever you are!

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We are Paloma and Jose Carlos Anton, two siblings with a high degree in environmental awareness, two LOHAS enthusiast for a long time. We decided to be an active part of a social commitment, we did not conceive the idea of being only mere spectators of change, we wanted to be part of it and above all, to contribute.

We have always looked for the healthiest and most ecological diet for our family. A HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. This is how we got involved on this project of personal development and quality of life.

We introduce you to NS Oleum, the Most Healthy and Natural Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With the most sustainable packaging in the world, 100% responsible and respectful with the environment; recycled – recyclable – reusable – compostable – biodegradable – biological – ecological and organic. Closing this way the natural cycle of life.


From NATURAL STEP, we want to provide real value to the environment and society; this is our honest idea of undertaking.

Step by step, in the end… you get to take a big leap.

What step are you willing to take today for your health and our planet?

Our products can be shipped all over the world so you can enjoy them wherever you are!

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Laura Rose Lifestyle came about from my own personal interest in natural therapies and good quality candles and crystals.

My aim is to help provide a mindfulness lifestyle to my clients whether that is enjoying a relaxing treatment, lighting one of my candles or setting intentions with a crystal in hope it can take the pressures of day to day life away. Each product is designed with self-love and care. I personally make all my candles from scratch by hand pouring the soy wax to labelling and packaging. They are 100% soy wax (vegan friendly) high quality fragrances sourced from the UK. No additives, no dyes and no stabalisers.

At the moment, I only ship to the UK.

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I sell Vegan Skin care products such as Soaps, body butter, beard oils, sugar scrubs, Beard butter, soap bags, bamboo wash clothes, bath bombs, candles, lip balms and lip scrubs. All my products are sold online, and I also wholesale my soaps. I started my business because I could never find skin care products for my family who have extremely sensitive skin at affordable prices.

When I started making my own skin care products, I used to make them for my family and then I decided I wanted to share it with the world. I wanted to show people that Vegan skin care was the way to go. I personally am not a vegan, but I do try to be as eco friendly as I can. Skin is the biggest organ, and we need to look after it. I try to make my packaging as eco-friendly as possible. There is a very big stigma with vegan and I want to show the world that vegan isn’t a bad word.

I ship all over the world so you can enjoy my products wherever you are!

Use the code VVOGUE10 for 10% all products!

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We noticed a lack of healthy breakfast cereal options in the market so we decided to create something ourselves. We felt like we needed to create something that was vegan friendly, high in protein and healthy for your stomach and Voila! We created Roar Nature’s Vegan Granola. Granola that is not only healthy yet incredibly tasty, coming in unique flavors including Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate.

Enjoy 10 to 11g of protein per serving to get an energy boost whilst making your stomach feel better with some high fibre as well. Never look back!

At the moment, we only ship to the UK.

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We are a small business that is passionate about helping you spread love and joy to your friends and family. We do this through carefully and thoughtfully putting together gift boxes, and the most special aspect is the personalised card where you can add the magic touch and really inject the love into your gift.

We started this business as a couple who loved a pamper night and a treat as a way to give ourselves some well needed time to relax. We decided we wanted to help others, both send and receive, gift boxes that will allow them to pause their everyday life and enjoy a moment of self-care.

We have recently launched a website, where our new component is the option to customise your own gift box. This allows you to view all of our items and choose exactly the treats you want to pack into a perfect gift box.

One of our strongest ethos of our business is ensuring that all of our boxes are inclusive to all needs. This means we will adjust products to ensure that our gift boxes can become; vegan, gluten free, dairy free or nut free.

Last of all, we pride ourselves on putting love and care into every box so your loved ones receive a box that is as perfect as it should be, because that is what they deserve and we are happy to provide.

At the moment we only ship to the UK.

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We started Hylife Nutrition™ as we felt something was missing in the market; a product we wanted to take ourselves; something we could take daily, be proud of and call our own. When you first step into a gym and have no clue what to do, you're bombarded with information from different people; take this supplement; take this protein powder; try this workout. Half the stuff you try never seems to work, or is just full of nasty ingredients anyway. Over the years of training and studying nutrition/fitness, no products seemed to speak out to us. We wanted a clean product, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavours or colours. A gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, hormone free product to prevent any potential harmful reactions. And finally, something that tasted good and made from real, natural powdered ingredients that are fully organic. Not much to ask, hey! Just two mates who believed in themselves that much, they chose to go and create their own brand that could provide all of this to help others. This is the brand we are proud to call Hylife Nutrition™.

We currently only sell our products online. Our main products that we sell are both the Cacao protein and the Mixed Berry protein and we've had great feedback on them over the last few months since launching! The best thing about both proteins is that you can put them into a wide range of foods; sweet or savoury. We also sell two metal shakers which are black and stainless steel, to allow you to mix your protein shake. Additionally, we sell coconut scoops. We wanted to remove the common plastic scoop that usually gets added into protein powders and most often always ends up in landfill or simply at the back of a cupboard! We always look at what we can do as a company to help the environment and set a precedent for other companies to follow. By removing plastic from the protein tubs and the coconut scoop, it gave us a great starting point to head in the direction of making a positive impact that us as a company strive to do and proud to say we do.

We're also proud to announce that we've recently connected with a great organisation called Ecologi. They're an organisation who strive to make a positive impact all over the world by investing into positive environmental projects with the help of contributions from individuals and different companies. For every sale we make, we now donate and plant 2 trees to give back as a company. We're proud to do this as we believe everyone has a part to play and we're more than happy to fight climate change head-on with our Hylife Nutrition family by our side.

At the moment, we only ship to the UK.

Use the code CHLOE15 for 15% off your entire order!

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KNature Care was founded in 2019 by sisters Nathalie and Nisrine Wakim. Born in Beirut, the sisters now live on different continents, with Nathalie making her home in London and Nisrine living with her young family in Morocco. Despite the distance between them, the sisters are bonded by a strong passion for holistic beauty therapies and finding skincare solutions derived from the natural world.

A desire to contribute to the movement of natural and cruelty, gluten free and vegan beauty products drove the sisters to create KNature Care. They discovered the transformative power of natural oils and saw how they rejuvenated their own skin - curing eczema and dark spots that expensive creams had previously failed to treat. Now they are ready to share their discovery with the world, helping others benefit from the healing properties of these awe-inspiring natural ingredients.

When Nathalie Wakim went to visit her sister Nisrine in Casablanca, she had no idea it would be the start of their KNature Care journey. Noticing the natural oils that locals were using, Nathalie went searching for the source. She discovered a community-led farm in the Moroccan hills, who had been working with these raw, unfiltered ingredients for over 40 years. After trying the unique combination and pure oils, Nathalie and Nisrine knew they had to find a way to bring these powerful ingredients to the world stage.

KNature Care is proof of the powerful, transformative impact of natural ingredients. The totally organic and 100% vegan and gluten free range shows that anything from acne to eczema can be cured without the use of chemicals or animal by-products. From the healing properties of lavender, to the rejuvenating magic of Ylang Ylang, we aim to showcase the superpowers that lie within plants and flowers. The synergy of these active ingredients and Argan oil creates a range of natural products that lets your natural beauty shine through.

KNature Care is not only about how we look on the outside, but how we feel on the inside. The chemical-free, cruelty-free, organic combination of ingredients, allows you to feel safe in the knowledge that your daily beauty routine isn’t causing harm to your skin - or the environment. We are committed to sustainability and all of our oils are vegan, making them the perfect bathroom cabinet addition for the environmentally conscious. Our range allows you to experience a luxurious product without any of the guilt.

Our range of oils forms an intrinsic part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle. We believe that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you consume, which is why we are committed to using only the best natural products, with no chemicals or pesticides. Our oils are just as beneficial for your mind as they are for your skin. perfectly complementing your wellness routine. With KNature Care, your skincare regime becomes an act of self-care and they can also be incorporated into meditation or other relaxation techniques aimed at cultivating your mental and emotional wellbeing.

We are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. We collaborate with cooperative that support the Berber women cultivating and extracting the argan oil in ethical way by preserving the ecosystem and respecting the best traditional way of doing it.

We are selling worldwide on our own website and on amazon UK at the moment.

Use the code VV2021 for 10% off everything!

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British premium CBD wellness brand Infused Amphora has set out to empower consumers with education and offer safe, simple, quality products to supplement their health journey. Their product range includes a variety of vape cartridges which address and capture the needs and moods of society. Everything from tackling anxiety, muscular aches and stress to helping inspire, calm and focus minds. The cartridges were designed in collaboration with Vessel Brand, an industry leading California-based vape hardware company.The launch features four premium CBD-infused cartridges:

INSPIRE: delivers an earthy and herbal vibe with lilac undertones, and a lemon-pepper nose. Allowing you to brainstorm, be unique, think differently or create a masterpiece.

PEACE: combines a sweet woody flavour with a tickle of green peppercorn and a clean grapefruit finish. You will feel the embrace of a warm hug that removes the edge off stress.

MEND: allows you to slip into a relaxing bath of sweet stone fruits, savory herbs and a pine finish. Find relief from tension and release muscular aches and pains.

ZZZ: offers the sensation of walking through a forest after the rain. Like the perfect cup of tea to be taken at bedtime - hints of juniper and lemon.

Infused Amphora’s CBD products enhance health, wellness and help achieve personal lifestyle goals through their pesticide-free, non-intoxicating and THC-free CBD cartridges. All products contain two simple ingredients, 100% organic CBD distillate and plant-sourced terpenes.

We currently ship to the UK and EU.

Use the code AMPHORA+VOGUE for BOGOF on any size cart!

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Rejuvenate’s ultimate purpose is to make your skin healthier. We provide results-driven products and natural alternatives to keeping skin healthy and glowing. Our products are designed, tested and made in the United Kingdom. We use ingredients that are beneficial to skin and avoid any ingredients that can be harmful or toxic to the body. Our daily lifestyles and air pollution takes a huge toll on our skin, leaving unwanted dirt and bacteria. Using quality and effective products is very important. Rejuvenate will cleanse, protect and nourish your skin. All our products are paraben free, sulphate free and cruelty-free and all our packaging is 100% recyclable. Rejuvenate is a vegan-friendly company and, minus the Silk Honey Face Scrub (because of the Honey only), all our products are vegan-friendly. We encourage a healthier and sustainable lifestyle and will stay true to our philosophy.

We simplify skincare for you.

We currently ship to Europe.

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The story is simple.

Back in 2017, one hairdresser decided to start a vegan hairdressing business to match her ethics. But there were a few gaps in the market. Vegan hair products were hard to come by..............so she decided to make her own. The ethos behind the brand is to celebrate pets, not test and what better way to celebrate your pets than to name your business after them. And so, Fluffy Jim's Hair Care was born.

Each ingredient has a purpose. Nothing is added to our products that doesn't need to be. We pride ourselves on having full control of our formulations and are excited to pioneer a new breed of products to help change the world for the better.

Made by hairdressers with client's needs in mind, Fluffy Jim's Hair Care is the brain-child of Kelly V, founder of Pixal-Rose Hair Design.

Come and share our journey with us.

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Tweedy Clothing is an independent clothing label that is focused on quality, sustainability, ethical working conditions and fair pay. To help us in the war against fast fashion we produce high quality, small batch vegan aware clothing and sell it at affordable prices.

Our clothing is comfortable, practical and stylish and you will find yoga clothes, dungarees, harem pants, festival dresses, jumpsuits and so much more on our website.

We ship worldwide so you can get your hands on our beautiful clothing wherever you are!

Use the code VEGANVOGUE10 for 10% off everything!