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As a fellow vegan eco-warrior, I know how difficult it is to find a shop that meets your needs. I want everything I buy to be 100% vegan, cruelty free and have minimal impact on the environment. Unfortunately, this rules out pretty much all supermarkets and high street stores!

However, I have teamed up with a few amazing small businesses that go above and beyond my criteria! All of the companies listed below are completely vegan, environmentally friendly, cruelty free and are run by people that have the same ethical values as you and me. Most of their products are also handmade with love and have a fantastic story behind them which is really valuable in comparison to all the chains that think only of profit, rather than purpose. 

This is a really great chance for you to discover and support local businesses that really care. So take a scroll through, read the stories behind the brands and click the links to visit their websites. Let's take back control of our shopping!

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I've always liked the idea of making things ever since I was a child. The idea of having different things, materials, objects, ingredients, colours to create something completely nee always seemed magical to me. And I have been attracted to beautiful scents since I can remember and that up to now, I always associate to memories and people.

Making candles summaries the beauty of creating something special that can bring a moment of light, may that be a shared cozy evening or that scent that lingers in the house and that reminds you of a special moment.

I have been an ethical vegan for over 11 years and all my products are vegan and cruelty free. The packaging that I use is eco friendly and I try to upcycle as much as possible. The enchanted clouds lab represents those moments of ordinary magic where ordinary objects become something special. Because handmade with love and to be given and received through love. I also work as a spiritual healer and my crystal candles are charged with the highest energy of love.

I ship all over the world so you can enjoy my beautiful products wherever you are!

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My wife is a vegan runner and really struggled to find tasty nutritious snacks that both suited her lifestyle and helped with her performance. As a result, I founded Vo2Vegan. At the moment, Vo2Vegan have three delicious, vegan snack bars that all have incredible health benefits. They're the perfect treat to help fuel your body when excerising, or make a tasty snack for when you're feeling a bit peckish!

Our Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip & Beetroot Bar is great for cardiovascular health and improved vo2 capacity. Our Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar  is not only a super yummy snack, but also great for after exercise  as cherry acts as an anti inflammatory. Our Lemon & Tumeric Bar is packed full of protein - 11g in fact - and also acts as an anti inflammatory and antioxidant. 

Vo2Vegan ships worldwide so you can get your hands on our tasty, nutritious bars wherever you are!

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Hi, I'm Rebecca from a small town outside Glasgow and I have just started my own small business, Botanic Bathe. I sell all-natural handmade soaps, body scrubs, botanical bath salts and bombs. I'm 21 and been a vegetarian since I was 15, I've always believed neither humans or nature are superior to another and that we are one. I've always had an interest in natural remedies and using what the universe has given us to its best advantage. Vegan Vogue is the perfect place for anyone with similar beliefs to this and a great platform for me to attract the kind of customers I know would love these products!

Loofah Soap Bars - these are soaps come in four different scents; rosemary, coconut, strawberry and citrus. In the centre is a natural loofah sponge that comes from a plant in the cucumber family, perfect for exfoliating the skin.

Coffee Scrub - made up with coconut oil, coffee and brown sugar, this scrub can help reduce cellulite and circulate the blood. 

Honey & Lemon Handmade Soap - this soap holds natural antibacterial properties and can help rid the skin of acne, rashes and dryness.

Botanical Bath Salts - Lavender & Camomile Bath Salts can help reduce anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping. Citrus Bath Salts can produce a hormone that is proven to boost your mood and energy. Rose Petal & Himalayan Salt Bath Salts can ease muscle pain and maintain the skins natural hydration.

Take a look on my Instagram to see all my gorgeous products and DM me to order! At the moment, I only ship to the UK.

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Here at Yogi Candle Studio, we believe in creating beautiful, vegan friendly candles and melts which do not cause any harm to the environment. Our brand is centred around being green and being mindful about the effect that we have on the environment. We source all of our supplies as responsibly as possible to ensure that they don’t have too far to travel, and we are constantly researching new ways to improve our carbon footprint with the aspiration of becoming completely carbon neutral.

All of our materials are ethically sourced, ensuring that we create products which are as natural as possible and do not contain any chemicals or nasties. We use an eco-soy wax as a base for our products which is a sustainable resource, and comes from an ethical supplier to ensure that it is responsibly farmed and does not cause any damage to the environment.

All products are cruelty and chemical free and do not contain palm oil. We have also sourced fully recyclable packaging which contains NO plastic, so that it can be recycled or reused after use.

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We are Paloma and Jose Carlos Anton, two siblings with a high degree in environmental awareness, two LOHAS enthusiast for a long time. We decided to be an active part of a social commitment, we did not conceive the idea of being only mere spectators of change, we wanted to be part of it and above all, to contribute.

We have always looked for the healthiest and most ecological diet for our family. A HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. This is how we got involved on this project of personal development and quality of life.

We introduce you to NS Oleum, the Most Healthy and Natural Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With the most sustainable packaging in the world, 100% responsible and respectful with the environment; recycled – recyclable – reusable – compostable – biodegradable – biological – ecological and organic. Closing this way the natural cycle of life.


From NATURAL STEP, we want to provide real value to the environment and society; this is our honest idea of undertaking.

Step by step, in the end… you get to take a big leap.

What step are you willing to take today for your health and our planet?